by on 11 November, 2019

When is it available? We agreed to proceed as we are also linked with  Dofus Kamas the members of as mentioned recently about the Astrub International Explorers Discord server! Keep in mind that the new servers will probably be merged at some point. No, I think that is mostly because of the simple fact that they don't understand how to it properly on a Dofus 1.29 server as it is likely less rewarding for them. However!! Do not leave yet, according to this survey produced by a favorite youtuber, 53 percent out of 2956 people and one character will play, which means you'll find mates!

Any occasion planned here? I got a favorable answer and asked for an event, but I don't have any additional? You could also download the installer directly from the official Dofus site by clicking here (how to have the Dofus 1.29 version to show up) Will there be a Reddit guild? Not for today, sorry. Is the subscription required? Yes/ It's the Exact Same subscription as Dofus 2.52 and it'll influence both variant /

If you wish to contact me in game, I'll update this article feel free to PM. Houses and paddocks will be disabled before the fusion because they can't manage multiple users possessing a single house from the Dofus 1.29 variant.

At one point you state things were simpler. Well, do not feel that if you never played this version. Dofus 1.29 is hard compared to 2.X version (for leveling up, which makes Dofus kamas and with jobs also). In 2009 even attaining level 100 was such a tricky job and you were admired for that.This variant is no joke concerning grind, but a lot of players were just kids when they played this. I spent months fucking round in the low flat areas, but now with  buy Kamas Dofus Retro the knowledge I have and the tools available, I plan to tryhard it.When I said simpler, I had been considering the Dofus game complexity (boss, charms, classes) as well as the images that had way less details but at the end its really difficult game.

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